Dark Theme for Manager

Hi all, does anyone know if there is a dark theme available for the manager? (3.x)


Hi Mkovnick,

I assume you have already found this since your post. But just in case your still looking (or anyone else):

This is one that supports 3.x.

Have a good one!


This is not downloadable for me.

I’m in MODX 3.0.3.

Just an FYI heads up.

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Confirmed here too - can’t download.

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There is something wrong on the MODX extras side. The version (0.0.0) and date (1969-12-30) being fetched are wrong:

Downloading manually from the MODX site and the uploading to a site works.

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I’m wondering if the transport was uploaded before 3.0.3 release and then something wend wrong due to database field settings. This date issue seems reminiscent of a patch I submitted a long time ago to fix security issues for hardening 2.6.X or 2.7.x regarding Mysql/Maria secure mode.

Setting NULL or out of range or 00-00-0000 dates can cause issues in newer versions of maria and mysql when in secure mode.

I would like to revisit this soon to investigate, however, unless I detect a security issue in the core database generating code (i.e. null or similar date issue) it’s not a priority for pull request at this time, and that would be a separate issue/bug report/patch.