Custom Invoices and Payment


Looking for a solution in MODX that will allow my client to create invoices for their customer and send out emails with a payment link that would allow them to pay by credit card. The backend should allow the client to view all paid and unpaid invoices. Ideally, it would allow their customers to also login and see their own invoices as well.

Does anyone have experience with a plugin that will provide these functions out of the box?


We built our own solution to handle this using Stripe as the payment gateway. As far as I believe there isn’t a predeveloped extra that would do something like this. As for developing a custom solution its not too difficult. You’d be looking at:

  • login extra for front end client login
  • Migx for custom manager page to create invoices, view all invoices etc

Use an email service like sendgrid to handle the emails.
Set up a web hook that updates your custom tables when someone pays an invoice.

What kind of goods and services is your client selling and what kind of invoices are they using?

You could potentially use FoxyCart or Commerce for this or actually use a tool built for this and link to it from the website such as Noko (if timetracking is needed), Freshbooks, Xero, Quickbooks Online, or many project management suites that do billing.

Thanks @smashingred, they would be services that might require an initial retainer. So it would be custom amounts depending on their client. Nothing physcial or that needs shipping information.

We have looked at ready to use solutions, but the client doesn’t want something using a third-party system like Freshbooks due to policy requriements.

Thanks @inside-creative, those are good pointers.