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Core folder is accessible by web / Move core directory out of the web server's document root

Did you upload the MODX files individually with FTP? That often results in missing or corrupted files. The error is most likely from a bad or missing file or a file permission problem.

Through filemanager in Plesk. But tried several times, no luck.
I also had the same with an other installation.

Completely fresh install? I would delete all files, upload Modx, completely clear the database and start install again.

I think that’s the definition of a fresh installation :wink: .
And it’s not the server environment. Already checked. Previously I had no problems.

I can’t tell what exact method you used, but the best practice is to upload the .zip file and unzip it on the server.

That’s what I did. Works perfectly in Plesk.

Are you using the MODX Advanced Distribution, or the Traditional Installation Package?

Traditional Installation Package

From your initial description, it sounds like you ran setup after moving the core.

If so, my advice would be to

  1. Delete all files
  2. Drop all tables in the db.
  3. Reinstall MODX
  4. Run setup.
  5. If the Manager works, back up the config files before moving anything.

If you get that error again, it doesn’t have anything to do with moving the core.

If you don’t,

Move the core, edit all the config files (no need to run Setup).

If that works, I’d also recommend renaming the manager folder and editing the file with the change. Again, no need to run Setup.

Point 1-5: do you mean a new setup with the old database with the core dir in httpdocs?

Setup works fine with the core dir still in place (not moved). The error occurs after moving the core and rerunning setup.

OK, got it. But aside from the setup issue, does the site work? What happens when you try to visit the home page or the Manager?

Another thought. Did you use absolute or relative paths in the config files?

Also, when editing the config files, it’s easy to use a path where a URL is called for or vice versa. I’ve done it a number of times.

You don’t need to re-run setup after moving the core though. I don’t know why you would do that. Oh sorry - just read what Bob said - quite correct

I’ve always use the Advanced Distribution for sites where the core directory is outside of root. Wouldn’t that be the way to go? Or is it still possible to do with the traditional installation package…?

It works fine with the Traditional distro. The Advanced distro just lets you do it during setup.

In fact, the UpgradeMODX extra actually converts an Advanced install to a Tradional install. There’s really no difference between the two once installed.

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Sounds like at least one of the paths in /core/config/ isn’t correct.

Sorry, I gave up, so cannot remember what happened to the Homepage. I’ll try again in the future with a new site.