Context settings / not updated


When I change context settings, settings still cached, even after MODX (menu) ‘clear cache’.

Step to reproduce

Create a new context setting, placeholder, change the setting, clear the MODX cache (menu) update the page

Observed behavior

Not updated, previous value

Expected behavior

placeholder update


MODX 2.7.1
Firefox, Chrome

Hmm strange. Anything in the error log? Any problem saving other things?

You can save and watch the progress in your browser, in the console, to see the calls and if anything goes wrong there as well, those errors will often not get into Modx’s error log.

There is a problem with mod_security on the server-side, where people can’t save chunks or snippets, but I have not heard of context settings not saving so far.

Any other odd behavior with the installation?

I’ve noticed that Settings don’t always update even after clearing the cache in the Manager. Plugins can also be sticky. You might try the CacheClear extra, which manually deletes the cache files.

Thank you for your repliers.
I’ll run a test on a fresh MODX installation next with just 2 contexts, without any extra.
@ [nuan88] setting are saved (checked in mysql table)
@ [bobray] I’ll try it !