Context Groups in 3.x?

Hi there,
the latest MODX Weekly Recap caught my attention mentioning “Context Groups”:

You can even manage several multilingual websites within one MODX instance using Context Groups.

I’ve been playing with 3.0.1 but I don’t see anything that would allow grouping of contexts.
No setting, no extra.
The forum search let me down and I’ve double checked it’s not april 1st.

So… could someone point me in a direction what this is about?
Sounds exciting.

I think this is just a specific feature of the newest version of Babel (and not some new concept in MODX itself).

oh ok, thanks.
seems I got the wrong end of the stick there …

I also misunderstood that.

Hey folks. Sorry about the confusion there. Yeah, It’s a concept inside of Babel from what we understood that allows you to run multiple sites in Revo and each of those sites have their set (or group) of contexts associated for the different language or regional versions.

Yes, it’s a great thing. I have one site that manages three different related domains, with three different sets of languages.