Content management system doesn't work - how can that be fixed?

Hi, here’s what I see, once I log into it:

The space that I circled in red is supposed to have a list of pages. The “loading” that I circled in blue - keeps loading forever and the process never gets completed.

I logged in through different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer), also as “incognito” - the result is the same, everywhere.

And there are no access limitations (in fact, I have a full admin access).

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Sergei and welcome!
Is this a new install or did you just update or move it to a new server?
Things to check / try…
Check permissions.
Manually clear the cache.

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This isn’t a new website. In fact, it exists for a long time already.
It belongs to my client and I got an access to it, in order to make some content-related revisions.
The client showed me that it works perfectly on his computer, but not on mine, unfortunately.
I also logged into it from my colleague’s computer and the result was the same as on mine.
No changes were made to the website and neither is it a newly built website. Neither are there any limitations in terms of admin role restrictions. When my client logged into the website using my user name and password - everything looked fine on his computer…

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I understand that what the client is seeing maybe correct but doing the following may help things: Try to rename the core/cache folder via FTP or file manager in your hosting control panel and you could also check permissions (CHMOD) - sometimes web hosts change things that could affect these settings.

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Is your account an admin account like I assume the client’s account is?

Something just occurred to me. Are you both logging in to exactly the same manager url?
http / https - one or other might cause the problem. / - one or other might cause a problem.

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Also mind that if you are not forcing https when the manager is set to use https by default, that can also happen, similarly to what was explained by chrisandy

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Problem solved, thanks a million!!! It worked when I used the “httpS, without www” version of the manager URL.