Content Blocks and Collections

Hi all,

I don’t seem to be able to enable Content Blocks in a Collections container.

By default, I just see a Content field and there is no option under the resource’s Settings tab to enable / disable Content Blocks.


is set to the default:


What am I missing? Or can anyone reproduce this problem?

PHP 8.1 | MODX 3.0.1-pl | Content Blocks 1.12.2-pl

For MODX 3, you’ll need to add Collections\Model\CollectionContainer to that list IIRC.
The latest ContentBlocks adds that in on install, but it won’t on an update.

Thanks @digitalpenguin … I almost tried that - and then worried about making things worse!

One small tweak - it’s


rather than


but that’s got me up and running - thanks!

If you edit your post I can mark it as Solution :+1:

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That’s what I get for typing on my phone :laughing:
Awesome, glad you got it working!

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