Combining multiple &where in GetResources using AND OR

We have a couple of &where=`` json strings which work independently of each other in a getResources / getPage snippet call.

The first &where combines users who have published posts. It works:


The second searches between date ranges which are submitted using a date picker on a form. It also works:


I want to combine the two together, so returning all post/resources published by any of these users where the resources where published between these two dates. I’ve tried all kinds of combinations of [{,}] and reworkings to combine the above, but can’t come up with anything which seems to work. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction? Thanks

Revo 2.8.1



Thanks Bruno. It works!
I noticed it only seems to work with the CREATEDBY as the final thing in the array like you have it, not as the first. Thanks again

that shouldn’t make a difference, where it is positioned in the array.