Class Extender / SetUserPlaceholders - placeholders are blank

Hi folks,

Wondering what I’m doing wrong here.

I’m trying out @bobray ClassExtender to add a couple of fields to the User profile.

This works fine. I have “companyName” and “additionalInfo” fields set up. I can add / edit values for those fields in the Manager [Manage / Users] and they are successfully saved in the database.

Where I’m having trouble is pulling those values back out of the database.

As I understand it - the following should display the “companyName” value for user #41:

[[!SetUserPlaceholders &userID=`41` &prefix=`ce`]]


Alas, nothing. No output at all.

What am I missing?

Many thanks in advance for any thoughts.


Try it with a ? after SetUserPlaceholders and a lower case d in &userID:

[[!SetUserPlaceholders? &userId=`41` &prefix=`ce`]]
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Ugh! Sometimes you just need a fresh head to look at things.

Thank you.

However - I now get:

User not found

User 41 exists as does have an entry in the ext_user_data table as per screenshot above.

I’ve tried with other users too.

Thanks again @halftrainedharry

Apologies - missed the second part of your message - lower case d :+1::+1:

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