CheckboxSortable - sortby on frontend?

Hi, i’m using a bit outdated module named “CheckboxSortable” + modx 2.6.5 and i have everything ready, but i would like to have my output to be sorted by… TV sort order, that i actually have in backend.

TV name is “experts”.

The snippet for the frontend is:
[[!getResources? &parents=4,935 &processTVs=1 &tpl=pracownik &depth=0 &limit=0 &includeTVs=1 &includeContent=1 &where=[{“id:IN”:[ [[*experts]] ]}] ]]

  • but the fields are sorted by name/desc, no matter what i add to sortby/sortbyTV.

Any help in that matter would be much appreciated.

the missing part was:
&sortby=FIELD(,[[*experts]]) &sortdir=ASC