Change site status setting with front end button

TLDR: Is it possible, on the click of a button on the front end of the website, to update the site status setting?

Context: I have a site with MODX 3.0.2 which the client wants to give as a Christmas present to his new bride. The spec is he wants it to show the Under Construction page until she is able to click a button on some other page “to make the site live”.


You’ll have to query the correct modSystemSetting and change it:

$site_status = $modx->getObject('modSystemSetting', ['key' => 'site_status']);
if ($site_status && !$site_status->get('value')){
    $site_status->set('value', 1);

And then it’s probably necessary to clear the cache:


Thank you. Will give that a go now.

WOW!!! Thank you very much Mr. Harry. Works a charm.

Making the tenous and arguable assumption (based purely on your avatar and your perfect use of the American language) that you are also a subject of the prevailing (in the global north west) post-Nazarene hegemony, I’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

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