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Change domain name of website

Hi there!

So I want to change the domain name of my website a bit.
First it was and now I want it to become
So I changed configurations in nginx and all. But: the website is not loading.
So I changed the conifg.core.php files, so the paths are different. But that does not solve it.
I also cleaned cache, as in: deleted the whole cache-directory under core (was that maybe a bit too rigurous? As in rm -r cache haha).
Anyway: I might isntall it all over again, luckily I hardly did any work on the site. But out of pure interest, I wanted to see what I should do to change the domainname, just in case this would happen again sometime :wink:


What do you exactly mean with the website is not loading? Do you get an Error or an “Server couldn’t be reached”?

If its the latter then i guess your DNS isn’t setup properly. I think your hosting could help you with that.

To be sure you could upload an index.html file with “test” to the root of your site, if it doesn’t show up then you are sure it isnt modx.