Can't save newsletter page

I want to add the latest newsletter to the newsletter page but it won’t let me save it. When i click into the newsletter page via the resources tree on left column, I can see the previous newsletters in the templates variables section. When i try to duplicate one of the previous newsletters and change the image or url of the new newsletter I can see it added (although it has small red triangles in the corner of the image and when I try to save it won’t save.

Are there any relevant errors in the MODX error log?

When you open the Developer Tools in your browser, are there any relevant errors in the “Console” tab? Maybe also check the response of requests in the “Network” tab for error messages.

Thank you halftrainedharry, Your advice is much appreciated. I checked the browser console error log and can see page settings were blocking loading of a resource. I changed browser from firefox to chrome and all is working again as normal.