Can't modify resources

Hello everyone.

I’ve migrate a modx site and it seems to work fine but, as I try to modify any resource it doesn’t save the changes, I got a blank screen (inside the manager)

As I’ve didn’t made a fresh install (I’ve just moved the files and change the database info), I’ve try to update the core. It worked but didn’t help me further, as I still can’t apply any changes to my resources.

Does anyone can help me with this?


Hello Anthony,

Can you check your server’s error logs for any PHP errors? It sounds like you either have an error with permissions on some MODX files/directories, or have missed updating or incorrectly updated one of the paths in one of the various config files.


Hey wallacio,

where can I find this log ? Cpanel? I’ve checked this one and it seems I don’t have any errors.


I forgot to specified : Modx Evolution 1.4.11


Iv’e found this error in the events manager :

Undefined event : OnUserFormRender in EditArea Plugin

Ok, I’ve manage to activate the error diplay, I get this message :
Fatal error : Call to undefined function mysql_escape_string() in /home/ploudmmh/public_html/assets/plugins/directresize/directResize.php on line 811

Well, I’ve figured it out. For those wondering : “simply” activate mysql selector in the cpanel.

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