Can't get running Formit with reCaptcha v3

In the first step I have generated on Google reCaptcha Enterprise the two keys (web and secret).

Here is the Formit call I use:

And here’s the part inside the form:

I’ve also configured the keys in the settings:

When sending the form I get:
Error verifying reCAPTCHA, please try again.

I can’t find any entries in the error log, all I get is the error message above. When looking to the metrics on google’s site I see 4 requests rated as low risk. But I have sent the form much more often.

I am very grateful for any help!


Why do you use different values for the “token_key” in the FormIt-call and the render-snippet? I think these values should be the same. Maybe just omit the properties to use the default.

Sorry - you’re right. I fixed that already but it doesn’t change anything.

There must have been another problem to blame. Everything works again now. Maybe a problem with Google reCaptcha service or something else.
Thanks anyway!