Cannot find Google Maps

Hi Community,

Years back an agency created a website for me. Their support has expired years back as well. Now, I would like to introduce one change as I noticed that Google Maps tile is not working properly on my website (

I can login to admin panel, I have not seen ANYTHING that might be responsible for displaying the Google Maps content. I don’t have anything related in Snippets or Pluggins. Do you have any idea, where could I find it?

Take care!

Have you got a Google account?

To display Google Maps on your website, you may need to obtain a Google Maps API key.

This now means setting up a payment plan, although a generous quota is cost-free.

Take a look at the chunks on the page or loaded with snippets using getChunk(). Also look at the page template and any snippets or chunks there.

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Thx. This has been indeed refrenced by the “< script >” in some of the chunk responsible for totally different thing.