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Calls to connectors/index.php (ext-base.js) time out after 30 sec even with max_execution_time set to 900

I migrated a MODx site to A2 Hosting. It runs fine, however I am getting timeouts/errors in the backend. I inherited this website.
When I click on Media --> Media Browser, I get an error.
Under Google’s Inspect --> Network I find 6 errors all from ‘/connectorsSUtk…QGn/index.php’. It times out after 30 sec.

The referer is ‘ext-base.js’
Referer: /managerfdgmyqV…maJz/?a=media/browser
These are the actions for the calls:

  • browser/directory/getfiles
  • source/getlist
  • system/registry/register/send

The 2nd time I click on Media --> Media Browser, I get the correct list of files without a delay.

This happens the first time after loggin in. It is as if the system is ‘spinning up’ like an AWS lambda script. But that cannot be it.

I am stumped.

Modx version: 2.7.3-pl
Hosting: A2 Hosting
Apache Version: 2.4.43
PHP Version: 7.3.17
|MySQL Version: 10.3.22-MariaDB-cll-lve
Architecture: x86_64
Operating System: linux

Those seem like standard requests.

Perhaps check the compress_js system setting is on to make sure it’s not requesting all manager scripts individually, which could cause some load or DDOS protection on small/underprovisioned servers.

Does it show in the developer tools why it’s taking so long? Is it queuing, waiting, fetching data etc?

Are you using a standard file media source or a remote one like S3?

I am using standard file media source.

For reason it says this:
Referrer Policy: no-referrer-when-downgrade

The refferrer and the origin are the same url:

Sould this be a session/cookie

These seem like standard MODx actions.

This morning I got the error with this script as well:

compress_js is set to ‘Yes’
I have now set compress_js_groups to ‘Yes’