Cache failed question


I try to install Babel to make the Modx website multilingual, but after that the cache logic is failed even the cache_default or cache_resource are set to ‘Yes’. The cache does not be loaded and the site content are loaded from database directly. May I know is there anyway to diagnose the issue? Thanks.

I’m afraid we’ll need quite a bit more detail to help with this issue. What does your template code look like? How are you implementing Babel? Have you looked in the core/cache directory on your server to see what is and isn’t being stored there (there should be a “resource” directory with subdirectories containing the cached resources for each context)? Are you seeing any errors in the MODX log or in the server’s PHP log? How have you determined that cache isn’t working?

The first issue you may want to look at is the cache layers. The Resource can be cached, Snippets can be cached., etc. If you run snippets within snippets weird things can happen. I had to create a work-a-round for a very heavy site. I wrote about it here: Making any Snippet Lighter By Creating Static Content