Bug in resourcegroup manager page


In the resourcegroup manager page (in ressourcegroup tree), drag & drop resource into other resourcegroup does not work

Step to reproduce

Always when trying to drag and drop a ressource in other ressourcegroup

Observed behavior

In MODx core processor (security/ressourcegroup/updateresourcesin.class.php), in line 36, the var $resourceId get not the real ressourceId

Expected behavior


MODX version 2.8.3, 2.8.4, Apache 2.4.53 , MariaDB 10.4.24, Firefox 100

I can’t reproduce this.

Can you describe in more detail, how exactly you drag a resource into the resource group.

Do you drag it from the right side (column “Website”) into the resource group on the left side (column “Resource Groups”)?

You can see the problem her : http://www.revoweb.ch/modx/modx_ressourcesgroups-2022-05-18_20.49.29.mp4

Ok, so you are trying to drag a resource from one resource-group into another resource-group.
That indeed doesn’t seem to work.

When I test it, it erroneously uses the ID of the resource-group instead of the resource ID.
Meaning: When I drag a resource from the resource-group with ID=2 into the resource-group with ID=1, it adds the resource with ID=2 to the resource group.

Maybe open a new issue on github (if nothing similar already exists).

As a workaround, just drag the resource from the right column into the resource-group.