Bug: E-mails sent from SimpleCart are not showing subtotal


My client used to have his webshop hosted with a different party, at which they did not experience this issue. Subtotal amounts are not displayed correctly in order e-mails.

Step to reproduce

I’m not sure how to reproduce the issue.

Observed behavior

The ‘subtotal’ field is showing [[+subtotal_formatted+]] instead of the amount so somehow the code is not being executed.


Expected behavior

It should show the amount. This is a one on one copy of the original website, I have not changed any code.


MODX Revolution 2.6.5-pl with SimpleCart on CentOS, Apache, PHP7

How to debug?

I have not worked with MODX much, so I’m fairly clueless about where to look. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

SimpleCart is a premium Extra by modmore.com
It might be worth sending an email to support@modmore.com to get some help.

Is it happening with all products? I assume it’s to do with the placeholder not being set so it’s missing the value.

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That’s the weird thing, this does not happen for every line. There have been e-mails that show some values and don’t show others.

I’ll shoot ModMore an e-mail, thanks.

That placeholder means the value has not been set. You might try submitting to https://forum.modmore.com/c/simplecart also.

Mark Hamstra (founder of modmore) is going to take a look for me.