Back-end tagging / filtering

I’m trying to tg certain resources and then filter them through to other resources. Easily done but I can’t find a tagging extra that’s as slick as the one that Articles uses - i.e. type ahead. Does Articles use Taglister or Tagger or something else?

SmartTag is pretty good.

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I’ve actually simplified it by using a multi-select list so no need actually use another extra now.

Doesn’t Articles just use the autotag TV? Been a while since I used it. :wink:

Possibly but when I tried it, it didn’t work in the same way.

Suberbox select is really nice for those cases when you want site structure to be used for crosslinking things. A common use case for me is associating products with markets or applications. You have Application pages and then you can show which products apply via pdoresources tvfilter or where statement. Then you can also do the inverse and show with applications apply to specific products. It’s a beautiful thing.

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