[Babel and Login snippets] Are these snippets recommended in 2020?


In 2017 I started to build a multicontext multilingual website with modx 2.5 / Babel / Login snippets, then I abandonned this project for 3 years.

Today in 2020 I want to resume working on this project.

I uploaded the latest modx 2.7 and installed Babel and Login and restarted the project from scratch.

In 2020, is it still advised to use the Babel snippet ? I am struggling to have Login work in multicontext mode and I noticed there is not a lot of activity regarding Babel (the official page of Babel is down and the most recent forum discussions about Babel are several years old).

My question is : would you recommend Babel with multicontext Login for a multilingual website in 2020 ?

Thank you for your help and comments :slight_smile: !

Hi @tulavu,

I am working (slowly) on a project using Multicontext (Xrouting), with Babel and Login. From all available solutions, this was the best combination I could find still today.

O am able to use login without issues, but in order to remain logged in, you need to preserve the same base domain.
If you use language switching using ‘/en/’ or ‘/fr/’ or whatever you want, then that’s fine. But if you play with sub domains, like ‘fr.yourmain.com’ or ‘en.yourdomain.com’ then it is different.

If you are running the project from scratch, I can recommend you to have a look on Fred extra. It well worth the extra time to build your web pages management through it.


Thanks for the help @jnogueira ! it’s good to know that Babel is still working with modx 2.7.

By the way I solved my problem: it turns out users had to be included in the “members” user group, and now Babel is working fine.

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