Assessment and moderation extra ideas

I am wondering if there is an extra that may support me in building a learner and assessor function on the frontend of a site.

workflow needs to be something like
logged in user > completes assessment > assessor moderates > can say no and send it back or approve and send on to a second moderator. I know there is some of this in commenting plugins but wondered if there is anything like this that may work that is as specific as this, I searched extras but did turn anything up.

Thanks in advanced

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Hi there, we are working on something similar for e-learning, but we are “just” integrating with google classroom, regarding direct extras that could mimic what you are looking for, not sure, the closest are the ones related to blogs; maybe it would be easier to just code, I mean, so far, modx has been one of the easiest frameworks for custom code that I’ve come across, and what you describe doesn’t sound too complex

Thanks - I was looking at Quip and threaded comments