Articles - problems displaying articles by author

I’m using Articles for a news site and I need to display all the articles created by an author. I’m using the following:
<a class="ml-2" href="[[~[[*parent]]]]author/[[*createdby:userinfo=username]]">[[*createdby:userinfo=fullname]]</a>

Only it doesn’t work as expected, when I click on the generated link, it shows the content of the parent. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Is the link generated correctly?
Does a resource exist with the generated url or are you running a routing-plugin, which should route to the correct resource?

With the default Articles structure, this should work just fine. The parent of each article is the main Articles resource holding the [[+articles]] call. This will then show all articles related to the selected author.

Can you maybe share your main Articles resource template or content?

If I remember correctly there’s some glitch to do with using either createdby or publishedby - maybe that’s it?

createdby works for me, but could still be worth a try!