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Articles lang files not loaded

Sorry, I don’t understand the question. What is the location of the lang.js.php file?


Where is the connectors directory?

(sorry for late reply, had some days off)

connectors directory is in the modx directory. It has an idividualized name, that is reflected in core/config/ Core directory is outside of modx directory.

That file (connectors/lang.js.php) contains no language strings. It just loads language files specified in the $_REQUEST and makes them available to any running JavaScript. A problem with lang.js.php would cause many missing language strings outside of Articles.

All Articles language files would be in this directory:


So, I now can reproduce the error.

When a user with manager role and restricted rights clears the cache the lang.js.php does not aggregate the articles translations
File in Networktab: lang.js.php?ctx=mgr&topic=topmenu,file,resource,trash,resource,articles:default,quip:default,imageplus:default,mapstv:default,mapstv:default,mapstv:default&action=resource/update
In the Preview all enteries like are missing.
No error are logged.
Clearing the cache as a sudo restores the output and all are in the preview output.
Cannot tell, why a different role should render the lang file differently.

Does the user have empty_cache permission?

Yes, permission is checked in role policy

First, to see if it’s really a permission problem, I would temporarily make the user a sudo user. If that solves it, it’s definitely a MODX access permissions problem.

Second, (assuming that it is a permission problem) just to make sure we can rule it out, does the user have empty_cache permission in the correct context (the front-end context where the user is viewing pages).

One foolproof test of that is a custom snippet on the page with this code:

    if ($modx->user->hasPermission('empty_cache')) {
         return 'Has empty_cache permission';
    } else {
         return 'Does not have empty_cache permission';

FIWI, I can’t find any reference to lang.js.php anywhere in the Articles code, and the only place I can find where Articles messes with the cache is during resource create and resource update, and as far as I can tell, it never messes with the language file cache. So it’s unlikely that it’s an issue with Articles itself, but rather (maybe) an issue with how MODX refreshes the cache for users with different permissions.

Another thing to try is to create your own plugin attached to OnCacheUpdate that manually deletes the Articles lexicon cache files.

If all that fails: in similar situations, I’ve had to run the manager/index.php file in a debugger (inside PhpStorm in my case, running the file in a browser and switching back and forth between the code and the browser window) and step through the code in both conditions to see what’s happening. A breakpoint in core/model/modx/modcachemanager.class.php at the top of the refresh() method might help. I’d add a line $xxx = NULL; at the top of the method and set the breakpoint there. It’s a huge pain, but sometimes there’s no other way.

Making the user to a superuser solves the problem.
Checking all permission in the policy not.

gives me an error:
Fatal error : Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method modUser_mysql::hasPermission()

did you mean $modx->hasPermission(‘empty_cache’)? Which turns in 1 for the specific user.

[2019-08-28 13:34:07] (INFO @ /www/htdocs/core/model/modx/modaccessibleobject.class.php : 40) Principal 10 does not have permission to load object of class modNamespace with primary key: articles

Bit weird. After modifing the settings I get this in the error logs. 10 is the specific user. But what is the load object of class permission?

Aha. Check for the namespace permission in the relevant context policies. If it’s not there, add it to the Policy Template and make sure it’s checked.

(And yes, I did mean $modx->hasPermission() – my bad.)

Hm. Dont get it fixed, do i miss the point?
In the context I have a group with it’s policy. I used the administrator template for the policy and unchecked some permissions, so all possible permissions should be in the policy. The permission “namespaces” is checked. But still the problem occures. Even when I check all permission. So what am I missing out?

The error message says that the user doesn’t have ‘namespace’ permission when trying to access the Articles namespace. First, make sure the Articles namespace exists. (System -> Namespaces). While you’re there, check the paths for that namespace. They should be:


What I think is happening is that Articles needs to access the Articles Namespace to find out where the Articles language files are. At some point, the current user doesn’t have the namespace permission in the current context. You might have to create a Context Access ACL entry for another context (mgr, web, etc.).

The article namespace and its paths exist.

But I dont get the right idea, what modx needs here. The namespace permission is checked in the policy and all contexts have assigned the usergroup with that policy (with authority 10). So, is there a need to grant access to articles namespace explicitly, and how to do it?

What’s the authority level of the users in the group?

So, the role autority is 10
The authority of the single user is 0. Changed it to 10 and 20, no effect.

Sorry, I’m out of ideas.

BTW, I’m sure you know this, but for others reading this, the most powerful authority level in terms of capabilities is 0. The higher the number the less authority you have.

Thanks for your help anyway. Its a weird error. I think I will drop ACL and give Admin rights to the user, that solves for sure.

Maybe this is what you mean, but I’d recommend creating a new user group for the user and giving them admin rights there, rather than making them a member of the Administrator group.

That will give you more flexibility in the future.