Articles lang files not loaded

In articles the de langfiles do not get loaded, see screenshot without buttontexts. After clearing the cache or changing the default language its working fine. But after a while the buttontexts are lost again. As I do not get any error in Chrome’s console I think that the text is not rendered into the markup at serverside.

Anything in the MODX error logs?

Nope. No errors that have to do with articles or languages.

Sounds like something is messing up the cache. Have you got any custom plugins installed?
If not, it might be worth adding as issue to the Articles repo.

Turn on dev. tools in Chrome or Firefox (Ctrl-shift-i). Watch the network tab as the page loads for responses other than 200. And after it’s done loading, check the console for JS errors.

Yes, of course. But none in direct relation to articles.

I already checked the network tab. All files were ok.
I cleared the cache and now the tabs/buttons are ok. The lang.js.php e.g. has the correct entry with ‘articles.article_create’. Maybe it was missing before clearing the cache, I have to wait until the problem comes back. Is it possible, that the articles lang file did not get into the lang.js.php or just with empty entries?

Sorry, I don’t understand the question. What is the location of the lang.js.php file?


Where is the connectors directory?