Articles: displaying menu's of posts from multiple containers in one page

How can I do this?
Reference: home - Aldo Paula

getResources or pdoResources should do this for you with an appropriate value in the &where property.

You may (or may not) need a separate tag for each container to get it to look the way you want, and separate tags might make it easier to format.

I tried getResources, but to no avail. What would be an appropriate value for ‘where’?

Actually, you may not need the &where property. Try this:

&parents = `12`

and change 12 to the ID of the parent folder you want. You can also use a comma-separated list of IDs there to show the children of multiple folders. See this page for more information.

No effect. However, a friend with some article-experience told me I have to work with tags instead of various containers to get what I want. In recap: an overview of links to articles like in Latest Posts, but then categorised (in my case the cats are theBlog, theNews and theFilmNews).

Looks very good, though using the &parents property should work, and might be a little faster and more reliable, assuming that there is a parent folder for each of the three sections and all the children are under the parents.

On the other hand, if you’re getting this from a single tag, your way might be faster, since otherwise, you’d probably be making three calls to getResources.

For clearity, the screen dump refers to the current blog site, which has to be replaced by a modx-version. It is what I wánt to attain. I still haven’t a clue how to, apart from programming it from scratch. I can’t get getResources to work and don’t know how to use the tags to separate the corresponding posts in the menu.

A clear example would greatly help me.

Can you post your getResources snippet tag?

Well, I made it from scratch, which was easy to do. So, I’d say, never mind :slight_smile: