Any Aussie or Perth, WA Modx Users Out There?

Just putting a shout out to any Perth Modx users out there.

It can be lonely downunder, so let’s connect and maybe do a Meetup or something.

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I am a Sydney MODX user. Sadly, as far as I know, there are not a lot of users down under. A great pity. I really would love to have a backup for my work.:grin:

There’s a couple dozen modmore clients from Australia, so there’s gotta be a bunch of folks around there :wink: I can’t just share client information obviously, but you’re not alone!

Looks like two MODX Professionals are listed.

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Thanks Mark H and Glynn,

Well maybe we should at least setup an Australian Users Group on Facebook or something.

Just puttin it out there.

Open to any suggestions for building a local Oz community.

I’ll split the difference - I’m in Adelaide as a team-of-one.

I know of an agency here which uses MODX exclusively but they’ve proved elusive to meet up with. :man_shrugging:t2:

I’m also aware of @jonhas who has an agency up in Darwin I do some work with.

Sounds like any Aussie meetups will be best done in Alice :wink:

I would have thought a dozen would be a decent number based on my interactions. I like hearing this! :smiley:

Might have to be a virtual Alice. :rofl:

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All sounds great. What types of sites are you all working on. I mainly build corporate Annual Report websites.

All kinds, usually for small to medium businesses.

I have a few churches on the books, a school, an organisation who provides consulting to other organisations, some wineries.

All sorts really.

The one type of site I really need to get onto is a site for me. So busy making other people’s that mine’s really lacking or I could point you to that :roll_eyes:

I remember when it first became legal to provide annual reports electronically in non-printed form. The company I was working for did some demos for delivering them in DVD (Video) form. Unfortunately it was in the days of CRT before flat panel screens made reading on screens easier. Didn’t get very far - the web would always have been a better medium.

@glynszasz you’re with an interdisciplinary agency - does the whole agency mainly do annual reports or that’s the area they have most success selling the websites?

@jcdm. Yes the Annual Reports are the bread and butter. The agency has mainly a print based focus so any websites are just topping. I am the sole web developer. I also do a few charity and small business websites. Nothing majorly overly complicated. Occasionally I get to build things like eNewsletters that are generated out of MODX.

Just my own site these days, and a few business friends’ sites. ( I take pity on them when they start complaining about Wordpress.:scream:)

But I always recommend Modx to all my biz contacts.

That’s part of the reason why I wanted to start a local user group so I can find out what developers are around so i can recommend them to my contacts.

I’m a marketer not a developer but I’ve been using Modx sinc Evo days.

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So you’re doing more of the training in marketing/enabling people to generate their own good stuff than actual building of the sites? Who do your clients tend to be? Agency folks or businesses or a blend/other sources all together?


yes I don’t do technical stuff, apart from my own.

Clients tend to be business owners and marketing managers.

I focus on the marketing side of things, and outsource to technical people as required.

I’m originally from Sydney but I’ve been in Hong Kong for over a decade now.
Perth shares the same time zone as us if I’m not mistaken :wink:

As i said,

I just wanted to see how many West Aussie or even Australian Modx users are out there to see if we can get some sort of Aussie Modx user group going.

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