Annual paid subscription to members area

Hi there,

I have a site for a local charity, who wants to sell annual subscription to a members area.
Within that will be a selected of pages.

I know how to create a members area using Login, but not sure how to hook up an annual subscription.

I have been searching the forums, but the only thread I found was one i started two years ago, but it didn’t really lead anywhere.

Has anybody done something like this before?
Because it’s for a charity, I’m trying to keep the cost down for them.

Any idea gratefully received!


I have a few post on this matter (Offer premium content extra).

So the way I did it was with the Login extra of course. And the payments with the Mollie API. I’m not a PHP expert but the basics of the API are quite easy. Mollie offers annual and repeating payments as well.

Good luck!

OK thanks - I’ll take a look. I’m definitely not a php expert - APIs always confuse me, but I’ll have a read.


Bit late to the thread but check out - The rates aren’t great on the free account but they handle all the functionality.

Should be fairly easy to integrate the payments and protect the relevant pages.

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Like it! To bad it does not have Mollie payments.