Adding autocomplete to Migx listbox field

Hey! I’m using Migx to create a page selector. Since there are hundreds of pages I’d like the listbox field to have a search input to predict (typeAhead) the user’s search.

Here’s my migx tabs code, the list loads fine but the typeAhead config is not working:

[{"caption":"Featured news", "fields": [
    {"field":"featNews","caption":"Select news","inputTVtype":"listbox","inputOptionValues":"@SELECT CONCAT(pagetitle, '::', id) FROM modx_site_content WHERE (parent=8) AND (published=1) ORDER BY publishedon DESC", "configs":{"typeAhead":true}}

Any clues? Thanks you all.

If believe the value of “configs” has to be written like this:

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Excellent @halftrainedharry just what I was missing. I couldn’t to find this config in the documentation. Thank you!