ADA Compliance Check

Does anyone know of an extra that performs a compliance check? Or of a services that you know of that runs it automatically? I know WordPress has plugins that do this and I’ve tried a program called SortSite, but it doesn’t provide meaningful data that a non-developer would understand.

Any recommendations are appreciated.


Isn’t ADA compliance largely a technical topic? I’m not too well-versed in the ADA but I thought that (at least in the context of websites) that had a lot of overlap with the WCAG, which is about the page semantics, contrast, interactions… Very few non-developers would understand the intricacies of that or have the ability to fix any issues that would be flagged, so I’m not entirely sure what the ideal result is what you’re looking for.

Axe is pretty much the standard in accessibility testing: axe: Accessibility Testing Tools and Software