500 error with NewsPublisher

Hey all, I am getting a weird error with the NewsPublisher extra. Whenever I try to set the &initrte=1, I am getting 500 error and I can’t find any error message in the error logs. I have the TinyMCE & the TinyMCE frontend extra installed and the website is being hosted on Modx Cloud. Any ideas as to how I can resolve this issue?

Where did you check for error messages? Only in the log inside MODx? 500 errors should be logged in the PHP error log file that’s located outside of MODx. The exact location depends on the server configuration. (I believe on MODx cloud it’s in your home directory → log.)

What exactly do you mean by “TinyMCE frontend”? You don’t need these extras to use TinyMCE with NewsPublisher.

Thanks for pointing me in the correct direction for find the error logs. from there, I found this error message

PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Call to a member function addJavascript() on null in /core/components/tinymce/tinymce.class.php:151

and from there a quick Google search led me to Call to a member function addJavascript() on a non-object · Issue #50 · BobRay/newspublisher · GitHub where I solved the issue by commenting out $this->modx->invokeEvent('OnRichTextEditorInit', $fields);