4 Websites with 2 languages each with one modx installation using Babel

Hi there!

I have one modx installations with 4 websites (each with an own domain). At the moment one of the pages has Two languages. This works fine with Babel.

Now my client wants to have a second language dor each of the other 3 pages.

Is this possible with Babel? If yes - how?

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There are different ways to configure multiple sites on one install. Often they are completely segregated, meaning you would simply install babel on those sites independently.

Are the other sites separate folders on your server? I don’t know the tech side well but my admin has like 2-3 sites that are with my ‘main’ site but independent. They have their own login and backend. Maybe you don’t have this structure, I am not sure. I guess they are multiple ‘installs’, but on the backend I have one main one and then the folders.

Are these sites sharing any templates or other resources? Maybe you can tell us a bit more about your setup.

Other more knowledgeable people will be around tomorrow. This new forum has been great for providing really good info

To check, look at the extras you are using on the main one. If you are truly doing this all one one install you’ll have something, I think, which delivers that functionality.

Let’s wait for better advice than I can give

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Yeah that works out of the box with Babel. In the contextKeys system setting you put semi-colons between the different website context keys and commas between the different language context keys.
Check out the example in the docs:



Thank you! I think I should not work so long… I searched the web but not the documentation…

Sorry for asking and thank you for reply that quick!

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